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Gormley Environmental Corporation or (GEC) is a full-service environmental contractor founded over 20 years ago. Gormley Environmental Corporation started as Professional Asbestos Removal Corporation by Larry Gormley, Sr.  Throughout the years, this family-owned Washington, DC metropolitan service company continued to grow.  Larry Gormley, Sr. passed this company down over twenty years ago to his son, Larry Gormley, Jr. 

GEC has continued to grow throughout the years and is now a full service environmental contractor.  With well over 50 years of combined experience in Asbestos, Lead and other environmental remediation services.  GEC can handle most abatement needs in commercial and government buildings.  We specialize in catering to our clients to develop procedures for abatement around their work schedules and environments.  This has enabled us to satisfy the needs of many government agencies, corporations, and financial institutions in the Washington Metropolitan Area. 


GEC has invested into educating, training, and licensing our employees.  At minimum our employees have been trained to meet the license requirements in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  Supervisors have also had extra training to meet the licensing requirements in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos AHERA program.  Although mold currently is not regulated, we have trained our employees as per recommendations by the EPA and Occupational Safety and Health Associations (OSHA).


We firmly believe in expanding the knowledge of our employees in the field.  This enables us to have a rapid emergency response time and work with our clients to exceed the training expectations.  As a result, many of our employees have first-aid, CPR training, confined space training, and hazardous communication awareness training.  Furthermore, we have roundtable safety tool box meetings with our employees to ensure compliance and safety awareness issues are resolved. 


Being a full service contractor, we can effectively conduct safety audits of work spaces and provide our clients with good, sound recommendations.  Should environmental sampling be needed our staff and sub-contractors are well trained in collecting samples, writing summaries of findings, and interpreting analytical data.  This helps enable fast turnaround times and reliable data. 


Our Quality Control Procedures here at GEC are quite strict.  We ensure that all equipment, whether arriving at home base or leaving to a job site, is cleaned, maintained, and in good working condition.  Our project managers handle these tasks, which allows our supervisors to perform their jobs and meet or exceed our client’s needs and expectations.  




Environmental Corp.

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