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Lead is a heavy metal element that has been used over the years in multiple aspects of building construction.  Lead can cause a variety of heath concerns if ingested, including attacking the brain and nervous system and several blood disorders.  Lead-based paint (LBP), one of the more common forms of lead, is found on all types of interior and exterior building surfaces. With age, this paint begins to weaken and flake making it a distinct threat, and one that needs to be handled with professionalism and care.  GEC has accrued countless examples of projects where LBP has been identified, removed, and disposed of efficiently. 



Following all applicable codes and regulations and with the use of all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and approved tools; licensed and trained GEC employees perform the following lead abatement tasks:


  • Wet lead scrapes

  • Chemically strip components of LBP

  • Fine clean any areas (interior or exterior) contaminated with lead dust

  • Encapsulate disturbed lead paint with an adhesive paint

  • Work with a subcontractor to provide air monitoring to accurately monitor and clear work areas

  • Dispose of all lead waste at approved landfills

  • Project Design

  • Project Management




Environmental Corp.

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